Boogie bot is the first game developed by From the end games. Please feel free to use all the information and assets from this page as necessary. If anything additional is required please contact us and we'll be happy to oblige.

Boogie Bot Reveal Trailer

Developer: From the end games; located in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Game Description: Boogie Bot is a game about boogieing; getting in the zone and finding the most fun or effective path through levels.

MORE:  Every mechanic in Boogie Bot is designed to keep you moving. Bot-Tom’s battery (health) is constantly draining, so the player must keep going and collecting CDs, which add a small amount of health with each pick-up. The player can also collect three gold records per level, which add a large amount of health in addition to unlocking a bonus version of said level when you find all three. Bot-Tom also has an energy supply called the boogie meter, which fills when Bot-Tom runs to the right or drains when he stands still. The player is able to use this boogie energy for special abilities like slow motion, air-dash and healing. If the boogie meter reaches a 100% charge then the player can unleash the super boogie, going invincible for a short time while Bot-Tom’s speed increases with every step. Bot-Tom can also wave jump, which converts battery life into upward momentum. Many of Bot-Toms abilities shoot sound waves that can harm enemies above, below or behind him. 

Story: Hobbled together in a mix match of old robot parts and musical equipment, BOT-TOM is the last hope of the critically endangered boogie bots. Precious few of these musically robotic beings remain un-mangled, unbroken or unaltered. The NO GOOD MUSIC HATERS, an evil group of alien invaders, sought to destroy the boogie bots peaceful existence and turn them into MACHINES OF WAR. After losing control of their hideously mutated creations the NO GOOD MUSIC HATERS have initiated a self-destruct sequence in the main facility of their base on planet boogula-5.


- Unique art style

- Three difficulty settings

- Bonus unlockable version of every level

- Pulse pounding electronic sound track

- Master Bot-Tom's many abilities to freestyle through levels and keep your momentum up

- Fully customizable control scheme

- Challenging boss fights

- Make your way through the nodules of space station bot-o-tune before embarking upon the surface of boogula-5

- Challenge high scores set by the developers and other players via online leaderboards

- Built for speed running

Release Date: 2019

Intended Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux and all major consoles

Price: TBD