Ben Harper


Ben had played plenty of Nes in his very early life, but after his family bought a high-top van that came included with an Snes and Donkey Kong Country, a gamer was born. He realized he had some artistic talent when he randomly decided to draw Goku from the packaging of an action figure.  He has always been a creator, making a series of claymation short films, sketch comedy with neighborhood kids, levels and movies with the starcraft and later warcraft 3 map editors, gruesome stick figure animations and many other projects.



From the end games is a two man game development studio located in Tulsa Oklahoma. Ben and Julian have been a creative team for over 10 years. They've written stories and music, created works of art, invented board games (table-top and life-sized), built obstacle courses, combined soccer and tennis into a single sport, developed an anti-gravity couch and conjured delicious recipes. It was all leading up to our greatest challenge yet... Boogie Bot

Julian Delesdernier


Julian has been absorbing most of his information from video games since the young age of three. Born the year the Snes hit the shores of America, how was he not to develop into a gamer / nerd / artist / musician? He truly believes the ps1 is the best console to ever release, given the grand slate of pure JRPG greatness it provided. Julian's artistic style is is heavily inspired by surrealist Salvador Dali and the multitude of games and cartoons he's admired over the years.